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Retail Lifeline Event Agreement

Retail/Event Questionnaire

Business Name:



Additional Info:


What size table do you prefer we use for our set up?:

Where is the best possible place in your store can we set up in?:

How soon would you like us to start?: 01-01-1970


Retail/Event Agreement

BY: Brand Troops Inc. ("Distributor")
AND BY:  ("Retail/Event Partner")

RE: Exclusive Rights Agreement between Brand Troops Inc. ("Distributor") and  ("Retail/Event Partner") permitting the Distributor exclusive approval to distribute/market/sell Lifeline Phone Services at the below location(s) with an effective date of 01/19/2021

This Exclusive Rights Agreement confirms the following:
1. Retail/Event Partner gives permission to Distributor and Distributor’s representative to set up and operate inside and/or within 100 feet of the below listed location(s).
2. Consent shall begin on the effective date as listed above/below.
3. Term of approval is for 1 year from the effective date.
4. Distributor and Representative agree to abide by any rules or requirements put forth by the Retail/Event Partner.
Approved Retail/Event Locations:


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